About Us

El popular was founded in Toronto in 1970 as a weekly. Slowly it began to grow  with our thriving Hispanic community,  now estimated at about 650,000  new Canadians in the Toronto area. It includes immigrants from Latin America, Spain and Spanish-Jewish Morocco. More than 70,000  hispanics make Quebec their home. Pockets of Hispanics are located in other provinces.

Among the foreign-born who had a non-English, non-French mother tongue, Spanish speaking people represents the 4th largest population in Canada (5.8%) Census 2006, and certainly growing.

“It has not been an easy task. Publishing this relatively small newspaper on a daily basis is a great responsibility,” said former Publisher Eduardo Urueña.  He also emphasized, “Everyone at the newspaper is very important to the survival of this business given the difficult times, not to mention the rising costs of supplies and newsprint”.

El popular ranks among the ten largest newspapers in Toronto. It is published daily from Monday to Friday (Monday to Saturday electronicly). When it comes to multicultural newspapers, El popular is the fourth largest multicultural daily and  is 100%  proudly Canadian.